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Harp Ensemble Name if you are listing as such and not as an individual harpist. (The first and last name of the person registering this harp ensemble is needed above for administration purposes)


Metro Area  If you live in a small city you may want to mention the name of a big city or metro area close to your city. That way people looking for a harpists i.e. in San Fransisco will find you even if you live in a relatively unknown small city or rural area within travel distance from San Fransisco.

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Please make sure you have filled in your email above. Your email address will be HarpGigs primary way of contacting you. If you are providing your email address for administration purposes only BUT don't want to list your email on your press page mark the following box:

I don't want my email address listed on my HarpGigs Press Page. (Please list your telephone or fax number if you don't want to list your email.)

Do you want a FREE BASIC HarpTeachers.com Listing? Yes           No        

Check NO if you don't want a HarpTeachers.com listing, or if you rather want to register and pay for a better HarpTeachers.com listing at HarpTeachers.com after you finish your HarpGigs.com registration.

If you check YES the same information you provide for your HarpGigs.com listing will be used for your Basic HarpTeachers.com listing.

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Please write this password down in a secure place. You will need this password to update your press page. It will also prevent someone else from changing your profile.



Priority Code If you don't have a priority code leave the box blank.


Where did you hear about HarpGigs.com?


Please review the entire form to make sure that you have filled it out accurately and that you have filled in all the options that you want to display on your HarpGigs press page.


After you submit this form you will have the option of remitting the Basic monthly listing and advertising fee of 30 cents a day in one annual payment of $109.50 US Dollars (30 cents x 365 days) online with your credit card or by mail with a check or money order.


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